Jimmie Crack Scorn…

repairing-road-with-jimmiesAn anonymous Philadelphian encouraged his fellow citizens to taste the rainbow after he filled a street crack with rainbow sprinkles.

A South Philadelphia woman seemed surprised to find them. “Does this have a secret meaning??” Rebecca Kenton posted to a popular neighborhood Facebook group. “Somebody filled the 8 foot long crack in the alley outside my house with cupcake sprinkles.”

Jimmies? Sprinkles? That’s a long running debate, even among Philadelphians. But yup, they’re there. Our photographer snapped these shots at Fitzwater and Mildred streets between Eighth and Ninth near the Italian Market.

Keisha McCarty-Skelton, a spokeswoman for the Streets Department, has been working in the department for more than 15 years. “The Streets Department does not encourage residents to perform maintenance using unsuitable materials,” McCarty-Skelton wrote in an email. “Appropriate materials are used to do repairs; ice cream toppings are not one of them.” (H/T – Jim F.)

In fairness, McCarty-Shelton only observed the unfinished repairs. It would be best if she reevaluated the situation after the caramel syrup is used to solidify the patch.


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