Weenie Todd

chuck-todds-bitter-bitter-tearsCompletely impartial media hack Chuck Todd suffered a case of teh sadz yesterday after watching President Trump’s press conference. Chuckie was specifically appalled at Trump’s – in my opinion, warranted – attacks on the mainstream media.

In a tweet sent during President Donald Trump‘s Thursday press conference, MSNBC host Chuck Todd indicated he didn’t find the bizarre hour-long back-and-forth with reporters all that humorous.

The Meet the Press host live tweeted the spectacle, at times sending tweets that indicated he didn’t believe the president was telling the truth. But Todd found Trump’s constant delegitimization and labeling the press “fake news” the most dangerous aspect.

Mmm… his tears are delicious! If Todd claims delegitimizing the media is “un-American,” then by that standard, so is delegitimizing a democratically-elected president.

As I replied on Twitter, Chuck Todd lives in a world where the MSM has First Amendment rights, but President Trump does not. Ironically, he and his ilk delegitimized themselves.


6 thoughts on “Weenie Todd

  1. We now know a couple more things about Chuck Todd. He is thin-skinned, he is upset that the common man no longer appreciates the media’s bully platform and he is among the minority that takes the main stream media seriously these days. Go off somewhere and grow a pair, you wuss!


  2. It’s hard to even know who Chuck Todd is when you don’t watch any mainstream news or any of those silly Sunday morning news(hack) shows. What’s amazing is that Chuck Todd and his cronies don’t realize this. The only people who watch that crap are the special snowflakes and occupants of “the swamp” that needs draining. Normal people ignore them. It’s nice to see these delegitimized people squirm. Chuck Chuck Bo Buck, Banana Nana Fo … – you get the picture.

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  3. Metoo – After the media’s treatment of Trump during the general election – and the releases by Wikileaks – the media has lost all their power. Personally I find it glorious Trump openly mocks and berates them. It is well-deserved.

    Mike – Exactly. Thee only ones delegitimizing the media are the media themselves.

    RG – I don’t believe I have ever watched one of those Sunday shows in my life. If I want to be bored out of my mind, I’ll watch the WNBA. Boom, bumper!


  4. People watch the news for the weather or sports scores. Newspaper we get on-line except for Sunday morning paper with comics and crossword puzzle. Definitely not the boring shows on any day. I have no idea who Chuckie boy is. Their audience is withering and they are scared shitless. Fake news works for drawing in the retard libs.


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