Sunday Services


This week’s worship centers upon actress/model Emily Ratajkowski. Emily is a kooky Bernie Sanders fan, but she is 1. crazy stupid hot, and 2. a stand-up kind of gal. To wit:

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski attended a party on Sunday night, where she at one point ended up seated next to a New York Times reporter. During a conversation, the reporter called Melania Trump a “hooker,” according to Ratajkowski. Ratajkowski was having none of it and she took to Twitter to denounce the comment that she perceived as a major act of slut-shaming.

Ratajkowski is no President Trump fan. Much of her Twitter feed is filled with messages that counter or protest his agenda. But as she points out in her very first tweet, regardless of a person’s political views, they shouldn’t be subjected to sexually demeaning comments or slut-shaming.

The reporter was eventually outed as Jacob Bernstein, the despicable son of Carl Bernstein and the late Nora Ephron. Bernstein apologized for his comments on Twitter, but the New York Times took no disciplinary action against Jacob. Shocker, huh?

Bernstein would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that meddling Ratajkowski…


Emily’s motives are so transparent, I can see right through her. And now I can’t stand up.


This would be a mucch better photo if that pesky middle string was removed.


Emily looks cold. I think she needs the warm embrace of a conservative blogger. I’m “up” for the challenge.

The services have ended. You may go in peace.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. I see comments all the time on face book about Melania being a “hooker” because she modeled nude. Funny, I don’t see those kind of comments about Brady’s wife & she posed nude, too. One person even (gag reflex notice) showed pics comparing the current 1st lady with the last one (I warned you). Needless to say, I kept right on scrolling.


  2. MelP – Melania is from Slovenia, and Eastern Europe has a very lax attitude toward nudity. It is difficult to name another first lady who was quite as beautiful – Laura Bush was very pretty, as was Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan in her prime – and thankfully, she is no Michelle Obama.


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