She Doesn’t Know Him From Adam

beatrice-gibbs-and-adam-gilletMeet Beatrice Gibbs and Adam Gillet of Milton Keynes, England. Beatrice and Adam are madly in love; so much so Adam lets Beatrice spread her legs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the Shire.

Sadly for Adam, the spreading is not reciprocated.

That’s not the case of Adam Gillet and Beatrice Gibbs, from Milton Keynes, Britain. 27-year-old Adam has agreed to let his 22-year-old girlfriend sleep with other men, for fear that he would otherwise lose her. However, Beatrice is not okay with him seeing other women.

Is Beatrice crazy stupid hot? Yes. Is she hot enough to forbid her boyfriend to boink other women while she sleeps with other guys? Oh hell no!

Beatrice is free to sleep with whoever she wants, whenever she wants, as long as she’s honest with Adam about it. He doesn’t have the same privileges, though, as his girlfriend claims that she couldn’t handle the thought of him being with another woman.

In America, we guys would call Beatrice a C U Next Thursday.

Luckily, she apparently has nothing to worry about, as Adam insists he’s not interested in chasing other women.

And a collective sigh of relief emanates from Britain’s fairer sex. Look at this guy. It’s like he is auditioning for an X-Men: Wolverine parody porno film.


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