I Know What You Did Last Somersault

bryelle-marshallMeet Bryelle Marshall of Dexter, New Mexico.

Bryelle is a cheerleader – shock – for the Duke City Gladiators indoor football team. (You can see them play on ESPN 8: The Ocho.) Bryelle is deeply committed to cheerleading – double shock – so much so that she performs her routines during the most inappropriate times.

Bryelle Marshall, 23, was spotted driving recklessly on February 17 in a car with an expired license plate, police said in a statement. She was later found passed out behind the wheel of her Volkswagen in the driveway to a trailer park, according to police. Her car was parked half in the driveway near a concrete wall and half in Zuni Road.

The officer began giving Marshall instructions on how to complete standardized field sobriety tests, “to which she responded by doing cartwheels in front of officers.”

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Marshall tried to kick an officer in the genitals after being taken to the Prison Transport Center.

Considering how limber cheerleaders can be, it’s surprising she didn’t try to kick the officer in the face. Mediocre, Bryelle. Mediocre. The body camera video of Bryelle’s arrest is below the fold.

Have you ever noticed things which are hilarious when you’re drunk and not nearly as funny when you’re sober?

While Bryelle’s arrest will not endear her to future employers, it will do wonders for her social media accounts.


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