Reservoir Dogs

dog-with-a-gunJacksonville police officers responded to a report of a shooting Tuesday and found a woman who had been shot once in the right leg.

The alleged shooter is expected to be collared.

Police were called to a home west of Fouraker Drive just before 11:30 p.m. on a report that a 25-year-old woman had been shot in their bedroom.

The boyfriend said he was sleeping next to his girlfriend when Diesel woke him up. He took the dog outside, then went back inside with the dog leading the way into the dark bedroom. Just after the boyfriend walked in, he saw a flash and heard a bang. He said he thinks Diesel jumped up on the nightstand where his gun was sitting and it went off.

The boyfriend called 911 and put a towel on his girlfriend’s bleeding leg. The girlfriend told police she was awakened by a throbbing pain to her right leg, not sure how she was shot.

Now I’m no detective, but I have an idea about how she was shot. For those of you unfamiliar with pistols, they do not go off by themselves. You see, firearms have a little mechanism called trigger pull weight, which is the amount of pressure needed to fire the weapon. Babies, for example, would not be able to fire a Glock 17, because their fingers are not strong enough to pull the trigger.

Alternately, dogs do not have fingers, and their paws are too large to fit inside the trigger guard, so pulling a trigger is, well, impossible. But hey, I give the guy an A for effort. This bullshit story blows “The dog ate my homework” out of the water!

7 thoughts on “Reservoir Dogs

  1. If it was a revolver, the idiot would have had to leave it cocked on the night stand for the dog to “accidentally” set it off. That in itself would have been criminally stupid. If the dog can fire it double action, I’d sign him up for “America’s Got Talent”.

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  2. Now wait a minute guys… I know some strange things happen. For instance, I was once walking along the beach in Florida (where else?) one night, and a huge wave came up and ripped my jeans off as three mermaids beached themselves….

    ?What? You don’t believe me?


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