Mistakes Were Made…


In March of 2016, Playboy announced it would discontinue nudity in its magazines. The boneheaded move lasted only twelve months. Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Playboy has announced it will bring back nudity, a year after it stopped printing pictures of naked women.

The magazine, which broke taboos in the 1950s with its provocative centrefolds, dropped nudity in March 2016 in an effort to broaden its appeal online and in print. However, its publisher has now reversed the decision and teased its March/April edition with the hashtag #NakedIsNormal.

Cooper Hefner, the magazine’s chief creative officer and son of founder Hugh Hefner, said removing nudity from Playboy was “entirely a mistake”.

No, Hugh Hefner walking around in pajamas all day is a mistake. Removing nudity from Playboy magazine was a war crime, and reparations better include pokey nipples and other assorted pink parts.


5 thoughts on “Mistakes Were Made…

  1. Every year I got my husband a subscription to Playboy and his mom paid for the National Geographic. He learned about boobies at a young age.


  2. There is a theory floating around that the second biggest commercial f*ck-up, that of Coca-Cola changing it’s recipe and rolling out “NEW COKE” was a scam to make the switch from expensive sugar to cheaper corn syrup. They couldn’t get the corn syrup recipe to taste like the sugar recipe, so they pulled the “mistake” to get most consumers to forget the original taste and then, after the backlash, they’d rollout “Classic” Coke with the corn syrup. It was close enough. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s certainly plausible.

    I told you that say that I wonder if this biggest commercial f*ck-up isn’t some similar ploy, although I can’t quite figure out what could have been gained…….


  3. Metoo – Businesses try this all the time, carving out a new niche to lure in new customers. It almost always fails. Stick with what got you to the dance.

    Mike – I know HER turn-offs are mean people and sad emojis.

    Cathy – They are nature’s perfect food.

    CJB – Maybe they get a temporary rush of business now that the nudes are back? Honestly though, nudity is everywhere anymore, thanks to teh innerwebz.


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