Time Flies When You’re Having Puns

wordpress-anniversaryWhen I started blogging, the only real platform available was BlogSpot. BlogSpot was great for its time, and I spent three years there boring people and posting pics of fabulous babes.

Then, on this day in 2008, my friend Jim purchased a domain name at WordPress, and blogging history was made.

I only know this is the day I began on WordPress because they sent me a keen little notification. My official start at SYLG on Blogger was June 6, 2005, and my first post here was October 30, 2015. Since I’m getting older, and my feeble brain is failing me, I need posts to remind me when a milestone pops up.

So, I’m reminded.


10 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Having Puns

  1. And this remember, folks – Wyatt is blogging from within what one might call, a zone of danger.

    You might even call it “blog – ing from – the danger zone”.

    You want danger? Well that’s how you get danger!

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