Had-Hit-That For Humanity


Meet Jennifer Lazar of – you guessed it – Florida. Jennifer is a kind and loving soul, who loves to help the homeless. In fact, you can say it is her passion.

Just before 10 p.m. Monday behind a Walgreens in Manatee County, 36-year-old Jennifer Lazar and her 38-year-old homeless paramour cleared up the deputy’s suspicions. They were “having some fun,” the man said.

The man was not allowed to be at Lazar’s house, and they had been “intimate” just before the deputy arrived.

Another deputy searched the area and found hypodermic needles next to the homeless man’s wallet on the ground and a full bag of heroin by two couch cushions near where they were standing. (H/T – Alan)

That doesn’t make her a bad person!

I’ve known women who have been less-than-picky – namely every female who ever dated me – but if this chick – who doesn’t look half-bad – is boinking homeless people, I must look like Brad Freakin’ Pitt.


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