Have Fun Storming The Castle!

stormtroopers-star-wars-the-force-awakensPrinceton University informed recent graduates they will be banning a popular costume during their Star Wars. Doesn’t a costume ban mean Princeton is no better then the Empire?

Graduates from Princeton’s 2012 class will not be able to attend a “Star Wars”-themed party in Stormtrooper gear due to fears that it will convey a racist message.

“A few of our classmates reached out expressing concerns over our choice to use Stormtroopers as our costume inspiration,” the email said. “We have been informed of the origin of this word and its connections to early- to mid-20th century Germany. This is something neither we nor anyone on your Reunion Committee were aware of, but something we take very seriously. Tonight we made the unanimous decision to remove these costumes.”

Princeton is an Ivy League school. AN IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL. They are apparently our best and brightest; the people who used to become presidents and leaders of industry. Now they are triggered by a costume from a science fiction film? Are you f**king kidding me??

Oh, and apparently Princeton’s History Department is garbage, because the snowflakes melting over Nazi references do not know where the term “stormtrooper” originated.

Stormtroopers were specialist soldiers of the German Army in World War I. In the last years of the war, Stoßtruppen (“Shock troops” or “Thrust Troops”) were trained to fight with “infiltration tactics”, part of the Germans’ new method of attack on enemy trenches.

So the Princeton snowflakes were only off by one world war. There were no Nazis in World War I, and Hitler was a lowly corporal in the German army.


5 thoughts on “Have Fun Storming The Castle!

  1. Newsflash: “Fuehrer” means “leader”. Every time someone is called a leader, snowflakes must retreat to their safe spaces. i.e. the Fuehrer of the Black Caucus, the Fuehrer of the Democrat Party, the old song: the Fuehrer of the pack… it’s all incomprehensibly evil!


  2. Mike – “Gimme a Fuehrer of cola.” The list goes on and on.

    Sully – I also noticed there weren’t enough roles for green alien women. Misogyny!


  3. OK Wyatt, love you brother, but your wrong on this one. The original stormtroopers were formed in WWI. That being said, they are characters from a sci-fi movie you precious little snowflake morons!


  4. William – I thought that was the point I was trying to make with the last sentence, but looking back, it’s really unclear. Sorry, I’ll change it. (Still sick, so I’m using that as my excuse.)


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