Tap Out


President Trump claims his phones were tapped in the weeks before the November election. Trump is asserting the taps were executed by President Obama and his administration.

President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower days before the 2016 presidential election in a series of tweets.

Some Trump campaign officials allegedly had contact with Russian intelligence during the campaign. The Justice department officials cited intercepted phone calls between the campaign officials and the intelligence officers.

Obama administration aides also spread classified intelligence related to possible Trump campaign contact with Russia around the government. The effort centered on leaving a trail of alleged evidence for government investigators to follow.

Let me say this about that. Do I know for sure the Obama administration tapped Trump’s phones? Of course not. Do I believe Barack Obama would have no problem initiating an illegal wiretap? Absolutely.

The problem here – and in the country as a whole – is the Trump administration not only has to defend itself from Democrats and the MSM, but also the “deep state” operatives friendly to Obama, and the “principled conservatives” infesting the #NeverTrump regime.

From where I stand, the people suffering most from this insurgency are the American citizens.


5 thoughts on “Tap Out

  1. There’s a list of already verified people that Obama has wiretapped. This isn’t exactly something new.


    The simple fact is that the second American Civil War is already underway. It’s been waged for quite awhile. When patriotic American conservatives realize this, perhaps they’ll start actually fighting back. I’m thinking the Donald had this figured out before he even started campaigning for president.


  2. RG – I know one thing; eventually, one of these protesters is going to assault the wrong Trump supporter, and the supporter is going to shoot the protester in the chest.

    Toothy – I’ve been angry about it all weekend. That POS former president has destroyed this country, and is continuing to do so behind the scenes.


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