Let Us Kneel Before The Lord

Meet Crystal Bassette. Crystal was previously known by the name Nadia Hilton, an adult film star who spent her time going down more often than a fiddler’s elbow. Not anymore.

Crystal Bassette, from Clay, New York, earned $300,000 a year as porn actress Nadia Hilton, starring in over 100 X-rated titles over 10 years.

In the throws of an alcohol problem, Crystal frittered away her money on sports cars, a mansion and her own nightclub. Several life-changing events – including a terrifying car accident in May 2014 – made Crystal realise she wanted to start on a new path.

The mother-of-three put an end to her hedonistic lifestyle after she found God and started attending church, where she met her husband David, 26, a pastor. The 33-year-old has since graduated from college and trained to become a pastor.

This may surprise you, but I think this story is fantastic. Crystal learned from her mistakes, saw where her life was headed, and made necessary changes. It’s actually heartening to know she is spreading the good word, gushing over her flock, and banging the drum for the Lord.


3 thoughts on “Let Us Kneel Before The Lord

  1. William – I actually think this is a great story, but there was no way I wasn’t going to snark about it.

    Metoo – The current photos at the link prove that, as well.


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