President Prissypants’ Temper Tantrum

Barack Hussein Obama, the scourge of the Constitution, reportedly threw a hissy fit when hearing about President Trump’s allegation Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped.

Barack Obama was livid when he found out that Donald Trump accused him of wiretapping Trump Tower.

The former president thought Trump’s claim questioned both the integrity of the office and himself, people familiar with him told the Wall Street Journal.

Others told CNN that Obama was “irked, exasperated” and “in disbelief.” Another added that Trump’s predecessor “rolled his eyes” at the news.

Yet, nowhere in the article does it quote Obama’s denial. In fact, no one from the Obama regime has come out to expressly and specifically deny Trump’s allegations. Interesting.


2 thoughts on “President Prissypants’ Temper Tantrum

  1. I am so thankful he no longer occupies the White House. I can’t help but wonder what he and Valerie Jarrett are up to, however. Nothing good ever comes from that association.


  2. Metoo – He was the most divisive president in American history. I do not miss him, and I hope he goes bankrupt. He’s already morally bankrupt.


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