The Unkindest Cut

You probably have never heard of Samantha Bee. Bee is a “female comedian” – a term I believe is an oxymoron – whose show, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” can be ignored on TBS.

Bee’s garbage, unfunny program sent a correspondent to CPAC, to snark on conservatives. As usual with liberals, the skit was full of FAIL.

The show sent cast member Mike Rubens to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in February and spliced together a video showing all the absurdities he encountered at the annual event. A minute into the clip, a narrator says they saw lots of “Nazi” haircuts and showed a montage of young men who had their hair clipped short or shaved on the sides. Among those was Kyle Coddington, who appears sitting at his laptop at the 1-minute mark.

His sister, Megan Coddington, tweeted out a screen cap of her brother, who is seated at his computer on the left, and called out Samantha Bee’s show for implying he’s a Nazi sympathizer because of his hair style.

In a tweet dated Nov. 7, 2016, Megan asks for her followers to pray for her brother, who she says has a tumor on his brain stem.

I’ve had two skin cancer surgeries, and while skin cancer is usually not fatal, I would not wish any form of cancer on anyone. Not even on the despicable Samantha Bee.

So not only did Samantha Bee’s show mischaracterize Kyle as having a “Nazi” haircut and by implication suggesting he has sympathies with white nationalism and the so-called Alt-Right movement, which has aligned itself with Donald Trump, but they also completely left out the real reason he has that haircut in the first place — an aggressive brain tumor.

So not only is Samantha Bee obnoxious and unfunny, she’s also a raging C-word. If she actually had an audience, I would suggest they boycott the show, but I guess being Samantha Bee is punishment enough.


7 thoughts on “The Unkindest Cut

  1. The left participated in a circular firing squad on this one and didn’t know it. They had the young man on Fox and Friends this morning and he said he was a “moderate” and had been denied attending CPAC previously. He had a press pass this time around. No excuse for Samantha and her show’s behavior. I doubt she has learned her lesson, however.


  2. Mike – Yep. Kyle is anything but a hardcore Trumper. He is not even a hardcore conservative.

    Metoo – Thankfully, few people will see the piece, because the show is as awful as she is.


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