Onoway, Canada Is Pretty In Pink

A town in Alberta, Canada is showing it’s down with the LGBTQXYZ crowd, after residents found their tap water was pink. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Residents of the small Alberta town of Onoway were left puzzled and a little bit alarmed to discover bright pink water running from their taps Monday night.

Vicki Veldheyzen Van Zanten said her daughter was in the washroom Monday afternoon when all of a sudden she yelled, “mom, come in here?” She ran to the bathroom to find the water was unusually pink. While she admits she doesn’t normally drink the tap water in Onoway because she doesn’t like the taste, Van Zanten said she will not use the water for anything until it is clear.

On Tuesday, the town said the strange colour was due to a chemical used during a routine line flushing and filter back washing.

Pfft, I thought Canadians were a rough and tumble sort. Just drink the water… everyone could always use a few more limbs!



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