PA Woman Marches To A Different Drum

Meet 38-year old Teresa Drum of Frazer, Pennsylvania. Teresa loves to cook, and while her creations are not always Gordon Ramsay-worthy, it’s best not to criticize her effort.

Police in Pennsylvania say a woman fatally shot her husband after arguing about a casserole she burned, then took a photo of the body, texted it to a friend and showered before calling 911.

Frazer police responding to the call Monday night found 42-year-old Dennis Drum Sr. lying dead on a bed with a gun in his hand and a gunshot wound to the forehead.

Teresa Drum told officers her husband shot himself after they argued about the burnt casserole and over the fact that she drank his last beer. She said he shot himself as she called 911. Police say there was no gun in Dennis Drum’s hand in the photo and it was taken 11 minutes before the 911 call was made. (H/T – Metoo)

Personally, I think stabbing the victim with a serving fork would have been more appropriate for this case. It’s a shame Teresa wasn’t making Hamburger Helper, because her alibi could use a helping hand.


6 thoughts on “PA Woman Marches To A Different Drum

  1. There were times when we were first married and I was “learning and experimenting” with cooking that I am fairly certain my husband thought the food would kill him. However, in this case, the lengths some men will go to avoid eating their wife’s cooking.


  2. The first dinner my first ex-wife served me came out of a can.

    My comment?

    “Oh my lady, you sure can warm up a can of spaghetti!”

    For some reason, I can’t remember the rest of the night.


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