Speaking Of Snowflakes…

The “journalists” of the White House Press Corps are up in arms because *gasp* Sean Spicer had the temerity to allow conservative outlets to participate in press briefings. Just like Hitler did.

White House correspondents upset with the Trump administration’s shakeup of the pecking order in the briefing room are starting to see reporters from conservative outlets as an “existential threat,” according to the March issue of The New Yorker.

“Until recently, the more established White House correspondents have regarded floaters as a harmless distraction—the equivalent of letting a batboy sit in the dugout,” Andrew Marantz writes in The New Yorker, referring to reporters from outlets more or less ignored by prior administrations. “Now they are starting to see the floaters as an existential threat.”

Yes, because after decades of one ideology rule, calling on conservative reporters is an apocalyptic scenario. Get over yourselves.

“Historically, the way the briefing room has been organized is, the closer you are, the farther you’ve come,” CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett told The New Yorker. “And the person at the podium has tended to recognize that.”

Ignoring the press corps’ record of asking fawning questions during eight years of President Obama, Garrett adds that more experienced reporters ask better questions and deserve to be called on first.

The hubris of this clown is astonishing. You little people simply don’t understand; your betters will decide what you will hear and not hear. Now just sit down, shut up, and back in the MSM’s magnificence.


5 thoughts on “Speaking Of Snowflakes…

  1. Heaven forbid that there be a level playing field in journalism. What a novel idea! Quit your damn whining and do what you are paid to do (depending on the news outlet).


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