The Yellow Throes Of Texas

A Texas state representative is filing a bill which would penalize – heh, heh, “penal” – men for excessive masturbation. Well, there’s another state I can never visit.

Texas State Rep. Jessica Farrar, (D-Houston,) filed a bill Friday that would penalize men for “unregulated masturbatory emissions.”

The satirical House Bill 4260 would encourage men to remain “fully abstinent” and only allow the “occasional masturbatory emissions inside health care and medical facilities,” which are described in the legislation as the best way to ensure men’s health.

Yes, the bill is meant to be satirical, but make no mistake; Farrar is a tin foil hat-wearing moonbat…

Farrar said she created the bill after feeling fed up with the various legislative bills introduced by men addressing women’s healthcare.

“A lot of people find the bill funny,” Farrar said in a phone interview. “What’s not funny are the obstacles that Texas women face every day, that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access healthcare.”

Personally, I think Farrar has teh sadz because no man in their right mind would pleasure themselves to her image. I mean… yikes!


9 thoughts on “The Yellow Throes Of Texas

  1. Evidently, since she is sexually repressed and frustrated, she wants all the men around her in the same miserable state. (which is going to be Texas, if she has her way). I know a couple Texas cowboys and no way is this happening in their state come hell or high water.


  2. RG – Jerk. Off. I see what you did there!

    Metoo – For some of us, it’s the only exercise we ever get!

    Cathy – Texas seems awesome… with the exception of Dallas and Houston.

    Mike – There may be violating going on, depending upon the person asking the question.


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