True Detective Stories

It’s always fun going to work during a snow day. We can usually dress down, the traffic is light, and for the most part, the animals stay in their cages. Of course, the wintry weather doesn’t stave off the phone calls, and did I catch a real doozy yesterday.

A man called the division and stated his cousin – I’m not sure if he meant his real cousin or his “play cousin” – was arrested for armed robbery and stealing a car. Natch, the man’s cousin didn’t do it, attends college, and was just turning his life around.

Any hoo, the man claimed his cousin was only a passenger in the stolen car, and was not involved in the robbery. The man claimed he had proof, but since the arrest was already processed there was nothing we could do.

Then he says this…

“The detective brought him up for an interview, but my cousin didn’t want to give up the guy who did the jobs.”

Well whose fault is that, slapnuts? It’s possible the cousin is a decent kid who got caught up in the wrong crowd, but his “Stop Snitching” attitude saddled him with two felony arrests, a trip to prison, and possibly expulsion from college. He’ll now graduate Summa Cum Laude from Cell Block D.

5 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Considering the brain power this kid has displayed, he may only graduate Cum Laude from cell block D. (Better hope he’s not going to transferred to Texas to serve his sentence.)


  2. Sounds like a good kid to me. We better setup a GoFundMe page real quick. Probably only need a few bucks. All he’ll need to do is buy a few cigarettes so he can get by in that cell block. Good job cuz!


  3. Metoo – Very few friends are worth going to prison for, but hey, he’ll learn his lesson after five or so years.

    RG – In the mold of the Gentle Giant Michael Brown!


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