Texas Teacher Wears Nothing But A Smile

Meet Sarah Fowlkes.

Sarah is a teacher who is dedicated to her students’ educational and developmental needs. In fact, Sarah goes above and beyond when instructing young men on the finer points of biology… by banging knowledge into them.

A married science teacher grinned from ear to ear as she posed for a mugshot after being arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a student.

Sarah Fowlkes, 27, has been suspended from Lockhart High School in Texas and could go to prison over the alleged crime. Fowlkes, who has worked as a biology teacher at the school since October 2014, was booked into Caldwell County Jail.

Detectives in Lockhart, which is about 30 miles from Austin, interviewed a 17-year-old student who admitted to having sexual contact with Fowlkes.

What the f**k is wrong with teachers today? This broad is not only morally bankrupt, but she obviously has no remorse. I mean really, who smiles for a mugshot photo?

I mean, I’d bang her like a screen door in a hurricane, but I would feel really badly about it later.


11 thoughts on “Texas Teacher Wears Nothing But A Smile

  1. These stories always make me wonder about the emotional and mental maturity of the adults who perpetrate these acts. I mean a 17 year old kid, really? I would prefer my activities last longer than a football or basketball time out.


  2. Why would any sane young man not just ride this train until the tracks ran out, and not just keep his mouth shut about it??? Overwhelmed by his feminine side?…


  3. So… this woman has a problem. That’s for real.

    However, if it was ME… I’d bang her until she threw me out. I’d tell my friends that I’d had the greatest experience ever ( as a high school kid) and I’d be looking for a repeat, threepeat, and more. Why was it when I was in high school, all my female teachers were about 50-60 years old. Not a single hottie among the group. I can always have my fantasies…

    The only thing I can conclude is that whomever she was banging was some kind of a candy assed dimwit that didn’t have the sense to keep his mouth shut. That’s the guy that should go to jail.

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  4. Mike – She’s crazy stupid hot – emphasis on crazy – but smiling for a mug shot? Who does that?

    Metoo – She’s a busy girl. She has other things – and people – to do.

    AJ – So often you’d need rotator cuff surgery.

    Toothy – Early and often.

    Cathy – And if they do go to jail, they are well taken care of.

    Doc – That’s the question I always ask myself. If that were me, I would enjoy that for years without telling a soul. Why ruin a good thing?

    RG – She was probably banging an Obama fan. My high school Spanish teacher was Miss Dwyer. She was insanely hot, and I would have done anything to bang her. She teaches in Kyle’s high school now, and I’ll bet she still looks good.


  5. Im late on this one but heck I tried to get all my female teachers to slay me. Whats wrong we these youngins today. Hush and take the treatment.


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