One Man’s Trash…

A Pennsylvania man was injured after narrowly missing his coveted Darwin Award.

A man was taken to the hospital after being run over by a garbage truck in Schuylkill County.

State police said Thomas Jones, 40, of New Ringgold, jumped from the back of a garbage truck on East Mill Street in Pine Grove around 9:30 a.m. Friday. He landed in a snow bank and slid down onto the road where he was then run over by the same truck.

Now, despite what the voices in my head tell me, I am not a smart man. I have hitched a ride on the back of a UPS truck, an ice cream truck, and Vica Kerekes‘ Volvo – or was it vulva? Each ride was a stupid stunt – and one resulted in a protection order – but they were a million times safer than riding the back of a garbage truck.

Getting run over by the very same truck your were riding is a much better outcome than slipping on garbage juice, getting impaled by a used syringe, or being crushed by the compactor.

This jackass should consider himself lucky.


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