Philly DA Indicted For Corruption

In a move which surprised no one, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has been indicted on twenty-three counts of corruption yesterday.

Describing himself as “merely a thankful beggar,” Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams sought thousands of dollars in bribes from deep-pocketed donors seeking his help with their legal woes, federal authorities said Tuesday as they unveiled a 23-count indictment charging the two-term Democrat in a sprawling corruption case.

The only shocking thing about this story is the Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned Williams’ party affiliation in the first paragraph.

Investigators accused the city’s cash-strapped top prosecutor of repeatedly selling his influence and offering to intervene in a case on behalf of one wealthy benefactor. In exchange, they said, Williams accepted luxury trips to foreign locales, a used Jaguar convertible, and other gifts including a $205 Louis Vuitton necktie and a Burberry watch.

When that was not enough to cover the costs of his lush life, Williams allegedly resorted to stealing from his own mother, draining more than $20,000 of Social Security and pension income intended to pay for her nursing home to cover his mortgage and electricity bills.

I get politicians are cheats and liars, but what kind of scumbag steals from their own mother?

Hours after Tuesday’s indictment, Williams offered no indication whether he now intended to resign. His lawyer, Michael Diamondstein, vowed that Williams would fight the charges in court.

If you want to know the core difference between the two parties, it’s this: when Republicans are indicted, they almost always resign. When Democrats are indicted, they almost always stay in office.

As someone who worked with this man, I sincerely hope he spends a decade in federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison.

7 thoughts on “Philly DA Indicted For Corruption

  1. This is hardly surprising. I live in Cincinnati and I’ve heard about this a$$hole! When will people ever learn what Democrats are all about? They don’t have a monopoly on corruption, but Republicans ain’t even in the same league!


  2. William – Agreed. The local newsies are posting quips like, “a long history of corruption,” which is interesting because he was their darling just a few weeks ago.

    Metoo – As Cathy said below, he did, but he was a terrible student. Even the Clintons don’t steal from their own family.


  3. I remember seeing the picture you have posted. The crooked Phila DA was all proud of himself when he wore it. He was standing in solidarity with another hoodie wearing hoodlum. Philadelphia is loaded with other politicians just like he is. Hope he gets a long stretch in jail.


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