A Tough Break

After Katarina Witt – mmm… Katarina – my favorite figure skater is Kristi Yamaguchi. She’s an amazing skater, a fabulous babe, and has great taste in men. (She married NHL defenseman Bret Hedican.)

That said, Kristi occasionally has problems with teh Twitterz.

Former Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi sent well-wishes to fellow former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan on Twitter and her wording was… questionable.

Kerrigan, who is currently participating in this season of “Dancing With The Stars,” had her first performance on the show on March 20th, leading Yamaguchi to wish her luck.

This was clearly an innocent tweet, not meant to invoke or reminisce on harm. Yamaguchi and Kerrigan are friends…

Well, they were. This in unintentionally high-larious, but it would have been ever funnier if Tonya Harding sent the tweet.


5 thoughts on “A Tough Break

  1. It may be much ado about nothing, but I actually laughed out loud. Kristi is a pretty smart woman. I would venture to guess that it was intentional and probably meant for both of them to get a good laugh. If it wasn’t, it sure worked for me.

    P.S. Put Katarina in your Sunday services sometime. She is definitely worthy.


  2. Mike -Agreed, but the double entendre is pretty funny.

    RG – I have an autographed photo of her, addressed to me with a nice message. My mother sent her a letter when I was in high school telling her how much I dug her.

    Cathy – Or charge her with a hate crime.


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