Meet Madison Sueann Dickson.

Madison enjoys sprinting through quiet neighborhoods, piercing her face, and shooting at police officers.

Disturbing dashcam footage released by Tulsa police shows the moment a 21-year-old woman was run over and killed by a cop after opening fire on officers following a high-speed chase.

If by “disturbing,” the authors mean hilarious, they are absolutely correct.

Dickson died in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday after Officer Jonathan Grafton, deliberately hit her with his patrol car to stop her from shooting at police.

Well, she died like she lived… by being a dumbass.

The video first shows Grafton slowing down his vehicle before he spots Dickson running along a sidewalk in front of Jenks East Elementary School. Officers can be heard telling dispatchers that multiple shots are fired.

Dickson then points her gun toward the police vehicle as the car moves toward her. The woman appeared to be yelling before she’s struck by the police cruiser. She is then seen falling and going beneath the hood of the car.

Joyously, Dickson died of embarrassment and massive head trauma, but mostly of massive head trauma.

She is survived by her pet goldfish Mama June, her acid wash jean shorts, and her frequent yeast infections. Check out the video at the link. It is going to be my new screensaver.


4 thoughts on “Whoa-klahoma!

  1. She had been involved in four different gun incidents in one week. I’m guessing she spent the week high on something. One less idiot to deal with in Oklahoma.


  2. RG – I love how she’s yelling at the officer as he chases her; as if her mere voice will stop him in his tracks.

    Metoo – Exactly. She was wanted for, among other things, shooting a man in the head. Class act.

    Cathy – She was just a speed bump in the road of life.


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