Black (Russian) Mass

There are three things Belgium does right: waffles, beer, and Catholicism. Now a Protestant pastor is combining two of the three in the hope of expanding his flock.

A Protestant church in Brielen, Belgium, is using alcohol to keep parishioners happy and bring more people closer to God. After the last bar in town closed, church goers who used to get together every Sunday after mass for a cold glass of beer were forced to either abandon their tradition.

The priest announced that every Sunday, after mass, congregates were more than welcome to use the church as a bar and drink as much beer as they like, just like they used to before. He even had an actual bar set up in the church and, as soon as he ends his sermon, wooden chairs and tables with white table cloths are brought out to make the people feel like they’re in their old pub.

Parishioners can drink as much beer as they like, but the priest has set a few clear rules. The most important one is that you have to attend the mass in order to be allowed into the bar.

Confessions will now be much easier, since the hangovers may be substituted for ten Hail Marys!

5 thoughts on “Black (Russian) Mass

  1. When my daughter was first learning “Hail Mary” when she would go to church with her dad, it was always “Hail Mary full of Grapes” and then “Blessed is the fruit of the loom, Jesus.” Poor kid some weeks she was getting hell fire and brimstone with the Baptists and the next week Latin with the Catholics. No wonder she is now agnostic.


  2. This congregation seems to have priorities straight. What I wondered is if you had some bread as an appetizer and some wine at the same time, do you supposed the bartender would consecrate it first?


  3. Beg to differ with you Wyatt, beer snob here and I absolutely DESPISE Belgian ales. The worst experience in my life was judging which one of the Belgian ale entrants should win best in class. I just picked the one I hated the most. Clove and banana flavors have no place in beer.

    L-Frame S&W


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