Fire Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky!

A “fire rainbow” was seen in the skies over Peru this weekend, sending hundreds of idiotic Peruvians to proclaim the end was nigh.

A MYSTERIOUS “rainbow of fire” seen streaking across the skies left onlookers fearing it could be the end of the world. The strange phenomenon appears to show a line of flames burning in the blue skies.

Pictures and videos such as the one above have gone viral since it happened in Chiclayo, Peru. Users commented in the thousands that it could be a sign of a Biblical apocalypse.

“Hell has been split open… repent or you will be burned.” Another said: “It is the whip of fire that is coming here to punish sinners… the end of the world is coming.”

I’m fairly sure the fire rainbow is just a circumhorizontal arc, but if some hot Peruvian soccer fans want to get in a last few bangs before The Rapture, I’m game.

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