Alabama Slammer

Meet Jesse O’Neal Roberts of Elkmont, Alabama.

Jesse is a proud supporter of guns, and he practices his Second Amendment privileges by storing his weapon safely in a cool, dry place.

Jesse O’Neal Roberts, 23, was arrested after midnight when deputies responded to a call about a prowler on Esten Lane. The caller found Roberts around his garage and held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

Deputy Chad Harbin found Roberts, who was showing signs of impairment, and arrested him for public intoxication. When they arrived at the jail, corrections officers noticed Roberts appeared to be walking “strangely.”

While being searched, Roberts stumbled and a Jimenez .380-caliber pistol pistol fell from his body cavity.

Sooo, let’s begin:

Rectum? I hardly know him!

If the gun had gone off would it be a colon pow?

Roberts apparently planned to blow his brains out.

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