Mrs. Buttterworth Is Just Too Sweet

Vice President Mike Pence raised a few eyebrows at a Washington eatery this week when he asked his waiter to remove a bottle of syrup from his table. Apparently, the bottle’s presence was inappropriate.

Expressing concerns about the propriety of being left alone with a syrup container of the opposite sex, Vice President Mike Pence reportedly asked his waiter Thursday to remove Mrs. Butterworth from the table until his wife arrived to join him at a local diner.

“Excuse me, sir, would you please take this out of my line of sight until my wife gets here?” said Pence, who reportedly attempted to put the table’s sugar dispenser and salt and pepper shakers between him and the feminine syrup bottle before deciding that even having Mrs. Butterworth within arm’s reach could lead him to have impure thoughts.

Good for you, VP Pence. It’s refreshing to see a politician stick to his principles.

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