He’s Right In The Head

Among his other studies, my oldest son Kyle is trudging through a high school government class. Normally that would worry me, because I always worry about the indoctrinators which have infiltrated our schools.

So when he told me his teacher gave out a quiz which would help determine your political affiliation, I worried further. The last thing Kyle needs is to be attacked by a snowflake teacher.

Kyle’s class took the quiz, and there were increments ranging from very liberal – think Harry Reid – to very conservative – think Ronald Reagan. The class took the survey and was split into groups based upon their affiliations.

I am extraordinarily pleased to say Kyle came in just to the right of Goebbels!

When I asked him if the teacher was a liberal, he said, “Honestly, I don’t know. He doesn’t telegraph it one way or the other.”

That’s reassuring… or it will be until Kyle starts failing exams.

5 thoughts on “He’s Right In The Head

  1. It’s great that the teacher is able to keep perspective regardless of his political leanings. My husband worked on Jimmy Carter’s campaign in college. I used to tease him that he was 90 degrees left of Thurgood Marshall. However, 9-11 changed everything for him. Glad he finally saw the light. Sad it took a catastrophe to accomplish that feat.


  2. TXNick – He realized it after the picture was taken. We were in Tombstone, and the gun was loaded with blanks. I still chided him afterward.


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