Terror Attack Reported In St. Petersburg

Two terrorists attacked a subway train and a metro station in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the time of this post, at least ten people are dead, and scores have been injured; including three children.

Two suspected terrorists are on the run after a nail bomb planted in a St Petersburg train ripped through the carriages.

Russian media outlets have released the CCTV picture of the bearded suspect who was wearing a long, black top and a hat blamed for detonating a bomb that was packed with shrapnel.

When will this Amish reign of terror end?

The terrifying incident took place on a train that was travelling between Sennaya Ploshchad and Sadovaya metro stations. A second explosive device disguised as a fire extinguisher was found and defused in a nearby station.

A search warrant has now been issued for two people in connection with the attack – one for planting the bomb which detonated at Sennaya Ploshchad and the other for leaving an explosive device at Ploshchad Revolutsii station.

While this is yet another despicable attack perpetrated by the Religion of Peace, it occurred inside Vladimir Putin’s domain. Putin does not suffer terrorists, so expect swift and brutal retribution in the days to come.

5 thoughts on “Terror Attack Reported In St. Petersburg

  1. Each is truly a dead man walking. Won’t be a trial and no one will know of their supposed “martyrdom”. Pretty sure they can forget about the virgins, too.


  2. I’ve always said that Russia and Isreal are the two countries I’d never want to piss off. I hope Putin does some ass kicking in retribution.


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