The Most Tragical Place On Earth

Walt Disney World is implementing metal detectors and bag security checks at the Orlando theme park. The media believes this news is a prelude to human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, and mass hysteria!

Visitors to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will go through metal detectors and get bags checked at the Transportation and Ticket Center starting Monday.

The center, known as the TTC, is a major hub for Magic Kingdom visitors. People driving to the Magic Kingdom park at TTC, then board monorails or ferries to cross Seven Seas Lagoon and reach the attraction. Currently, visitors can board the monorails and ferryboats without going through bag checks or metal detectors.

Guests arriving at Magic Kingdom via the monorail or ferry won’t have to go through security once they get to the theme park itself. However, the Magic Kingdom will still have some bag checks and metal detectors for visitors arriving by other transportation, such as buses.

This is such a non-story that it makes my eyes bleed. Disney World has been checking bags for a while now, and metal detectors should have been in place for years. It’s a miracle a shooting incident hasn’t happened there already.

In fact, the last time the missus and I were in Disney sans kids, a lunatic took his son and a waiter hostage at the Boardwalk Inn. The hotel was a stone’s throw from where were staying.

Personally, I see this as a responsible move, instead of a sign of the apocalypse.


5 thoughts on “The Most Tragical Place On Earth

  1. I agree. I don’t know why people would object to these new procedures. Besides, I hate to break it to the little snowflakes but there are plenty of households where cats and dogs live together.


  2. Takes a lot to shock an old codger like me these days, but holy shit! I can’t believe they haven’t been doing this since at least September 12, 2001. Makes me wonder if any one there has even half a brain. The happiest place on earth is actually somewhere I am that has no other people close by so I don’t have to wonder if anyone is going to stab me, shoot me, or blow me up. Can’t believe this place hasn’t had more security that this for decades.


  3. Metoo – Considering the Amish terror attacks going on recently, people should be applauding this.

    Cathy – The expense is what helped diminish that. It’s crazy affordable now.

    RG – MY happiest place in Earth is my man cave. TV, computer, PlayStation. All I need.

    Toothy – It worked splendidly. Oh. Yeah.


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