Subway: Ride Fresh

The Mexico City subway authority has erected a new device to raise awareness about sexual harassment.

In an intentionally provocative effort to raise awareness of rampant sexual harassment on Mexico City subways, the city has installed a “penis seat” on one of its busiest trains.

The seat, which as the name suggests features a representation of a male torso on the back and a flaccid penis on the seat itself, has gotten quite a rise out of some of the unsuspecting men who have sat down on it. The PSA shows men jumping up in surprise or squirming uncomfortably after sitting down on the seat.

Besides the “Exclusive for Men” sign, there is also an explanation at the foot of the seat that states: “It is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily commutes.”

In an amusing twist of irony, the subway penis seat was created by Jared Fogle in an effort to raise something else.


5 thoughts on “Subway: Ride Fresh

  1. If these guys are uncomfortable with a flaccid penis think how we feel being violated with an erect one. The seat would get a lot more use if it came with batteries and an inflation device.

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