Blue Steele

Just when I think I cannot hate the libtards at ESPN more, boom, they totally redeem themselves!

On Monday night, just minutes after the tip of the NCAA basketball title game, the People’s Republic of MSESPN tried to sneak in a new policy on politics. It was textbook MSESPN, claim objectivity while actually allowing its talent in the opinion business to double down on left wing politics. And, of course, the new policy was released under the cover of night while the vast majority of sports fans were just settling down to watch North Carolina and Gonzaga.

Guess which political ideology is permitted and which is not?

The next day MSESPN did what MSESPN does – it replaced a prominent conservative voice, Sage Steele, with a prominent liberal voice, Michelle Beadle. You’ll recall that Beadle has spent much of the past several months on Twitter denigrating Donald Trump and those who voted for him. If Beadle had Tweeted the same things about Barack Obama and his voters, she’d be fired. But say it about Trump and his voters and at MSESPN this is cause for promotion.

This is why ESPN is hemorrhaging viewers, and this is also why their ratings have taken a nosedive. You’d think someone there would have connected the dots by now.

The only time ESPN receives my viewership is during college lacrosse games or MLS soccer games. Neither are broadcast regularly. During period changes or halftime, I channel surf because I refuse to give ESPN one second more of my time than is necessary.


4 thoughts on “Blue Steele

  1. There are a lot of people up in arms over this. If I were her I’d sue their sorry behinds. Since she is a black female I see all types of racism and prejudice going on here. She wouldn’t dare sue over being conservative.


  2. I’d prefer they keep removing people like her. It alienates so many people, eventually their worthless political commentary network will go under and we won’t have to worry about them any more.

    ESPN = Extremely Stupid Politics Network


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