Under The Sea, Under The Sea…

Meet Joanna; Fresno, California’s very own Little Mermaid.

Joanna was found wandering the streets half-naked and wet. (That’s hot.) She apparently told police she is a mermaid, but remembers little else.

A ‘mostly naked’ woman with webbed feet who was found walking in a street in California has claimed she is a mermaid.

Fresno Police are seeking help in identifying the woman who was also found with wet hair and wearing just a sports bra. According to authorities she said her name was Joanna and answers ‘I don’t know’ to most questions.

Fresno Police Lt. Mark Hudson said: ‘She was wet, she said she had been in the lake, said she needed help and needed to be taken to the hospital.’ (H/T – Loki)

Now I’m no detective – heh – but there’s an easy way to tell if Joanna is a mermaid; simply weight her down and throw her into the Pacific. If she’s still alive after a few days, you got yourself a mermaid.

Oh, not gonna lie; if she waxes the mustache I’d hit gladly her with wave after wave of hot lovin’.


10 thoughts on “Under The Sea, Under The Sea…

  1. Good ol’ Fres-burg. My neighbor to the north (about 40 miles). A lot of people from L.A. & the Bay Area moved there about 15 years ago because it was cheaper to drive every day (who gives a rip about globull warming) than to live near where they work.


  2. She may be able to get rid of the mustache but it’s going to take a lot of therapy to get rid of that crazed look in her eyes. This just screams nuttier than squirrel poo.


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