Clutching Pearl

Meet Pearl Gonzalez.

Pearl is a crazy stupid hot woman who makes her money doing crazy stupid things inside the UFC octagon. Her fighting career was almost cut short, however, because the state of New York was going to sideline her.

Why? Because of her fantastic cans.

UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez WILL fight at UFC 210 after the NY State Athletic Commission cleared her to participate despite having breast implants.

The NYSAC said it conducted a review into Gonzalez based on information that came to light at the weigh in Friday morning. said the information was that Gonzalez has breast implants. But moments ago, the NYSAC issued a statement saying, “The Commission has completed its review and has cleared Ms. Gonzalez to participate in UFC 210.”

She made her UFC debut against Cynthia Calvillo on Saturday night as planned.

What happens when breast implants puncture? Does it make a popping balloon sound or a slow-leaking tire sound?


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