It’s Funny When It Happens To Them

Feminist attorney Gloria Allred is allegedly being investigated by the California Bar, probably for holding insipid press conferences with aggrieved gold diggers victims.

Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred is facing a preliminary investigation by the California State Bar, one of her former clients said.

Kyle Hunter, a television weather reporter, said in a written statement he has been “notified by The State Bar of California that they are investigating Ms. Allred.” Hunter hired Allred to represent him in a failed discrimination lawsuit against CBS in which he accused the network of passing him over for jobs and instead hiring reporters “cut from the same blond, attractive, buxom mold.”

Pfft, you say that like it’s a bad thing.

Hunter said he is providing his “complete cooperation” to the State Bar and “will continue to do so.”

Hunter [said] he felt betrayed by Allred when he found out that she had negotiated an untitled television series with CBS based on her life at the same time she was representing Hunter in his lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting, but never told him about the deal.

Was that wrong? Was she not supposed to do that? I mean, seriously, what good is it to sue a major television company if you can’t get a little slice of the pie?


2 thoughts on “It’s Funny When It Happens To Them

  1. I don’t know why, but Gloria always reminded me of Nazi Pelosi. Maybe it’s both of the “rugged” good looks. /sarc


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