Even Deer Hate Rappers

A Canadian rapper – if there even is such a thing – was injured after being run over by a deer. Apparently the animal didn’t appreciate the artists’ dope rhymes.

Cary McCook, who is from the Kwadacha First Nation and part of a hip-hop group called Reka-NatioN, was in Smithers to take an environmental training course when he got out of a coworker’s truck near the Stork’s Inn. He had only taken a few steps when a deer galloped right into him.

“I still can’t believe I got hit by a deer,” said McCook. “I heard three gallops and I turned to my left and before I could make out what it was, I see a deer coming towards me and it hits me and I’m on the ground.”

Rapper on the ground, rapper on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with yo rapper on the ground!

You can see the video at the link.


10 thoughts on “Even Deer Hate Rappers

  1. Twice I have had the pleasure of seeing a deer take out a bicyclist. Damn animals ignore the deer crossing signs and cross the road anywhere.


  2. RG – I guess it’s time to stop fawning over their antics.

    Metoo – He could make a few bucks with this video footage.

    Cathy – Well apparently, Canadian deer are racists. Hitting the rapper like that. Disgusting.


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