He Cannot Tank You Enough

An English military buff purchased a Type-69 tank which contained an ancient Chinese secret.

A military vehicle collector thought he got quite the deal when he traded a tank and self-propelled gun for a Type-69 tank, a Chinese variant of the T54 developed by the Russians that was sold to Iraq and used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

When he examined the tank, he found out just how good of a deal it was; the Iraqi tank crew had apparently looted roughly £2million ($2,474,600) worth of gold bullion, and had hidden it in a fuel tank.

The gold is believed to have been looted by the Iraqis in the invasion of Kuwait.

Kuwait could really have this guy over a barrel. Hopefully the collector covered his tracks and won’t have to shell out any compensation.


7 thoughts on “He Cannot Tank You Enough

  1. Metoo – Like Kuwait is going to come after for him. They were rolled by Saddam Hussein for cripes sake.

    Cathy – Probably wants to run himself over with a tank right now.


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