Front Toward Enemy

A Texas rocket surgeon was pronounced dead Monday after demonstrating how to use the safety on his loaded gun. Brainiac did so in a most unusual way.

A man who died after shooting himself while showing his friend how to use the safety on his gun has been identified as Goran Banjac, 37, of Fort Worth, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner.

Officers arrived about 5 p.m. Monday at Banjac’s home in the 4800 block of Madyson Ridge Drive.

A 911 caller reported that his friend was holding the gun to his own head when he pulled the trigger and it discharged, said Officer Jimmy Pollozani.

Oh Darwin, you so silly. For shit’s sake, dude, you are well, were – from Texas. How does a Texan not know about gun safety!

I would say Banjac blew his brains out, but the article claims he placed the gun to his head, not his ass.


14 thoughts on “Front Toward Enemy

  1. I am willing to bet that friend who was watching this gun safety demonstration NEVER places a gun to his own head after witnessing this hot mess.


  2. My guess is Banjac recently moved to Texas from somewhere up-north like Chicago. Someplace where the tax payers are not allowed to own or know how to handle a gun.


  3. Is this the Instagram idiot or another, I sometimes wonder about my home state, but then I think that these guys are probably imported.


    1. Well golly gee, anonymous internet troll, if you read this blog for more than five minutes, you’d know I use that phrase all the time. It’s a play on words I use when morons are the subject of a post. Dope.

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  4. TXNick – It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Rob – I’m guessing the latter. While still drastically irresponsible, he would have done better aiming the gun at the floor. At least then there wouldn’t be a body count.


  5. Whoever did the investigating for this article is a idiot! First of all, Gorans gun was a CZ 99,made by Zastava, a Serbian company. IT DIDNT HAVE A SAFETY! Second, Goran could take that gun apart, and put it back to gather with his eyes closed! He knew what he was doing with his gun. And, whoever wrote this article is dishonoring him, by making him appear incompetent! If Goran killed himself then report it correctly, but don’t make him look like a idiot for whatever reason you wrote that in your article!! If he didn’t kill himself, then maybe y’all need to do a homicide investigation. But, please don’t tell the world my friend didn’t know what he was doing with his gun. Because that is the one thing he did know, for sure.. And, for other people who have made rude comments, perhaps you should try to be considerate of Gorans family, and friends! As I am sure you would want people to be if this was your loved one.


  6. Hally – You seem nice. First, I did not write the original article, so your beef would be with the Star-Telegram. Go rant to them. Oh wait, looks like you already did, because you cut and pasted your exact comment there. Hmm, you also did the same at the Dallas News. Second, if the gun didn’t have a safety, the fact he put it to his head to show it was unloaded – instead of, say, locking the slide to the rear – makes him look even more incompetent.

    It’s a shame for his family and friends, but if you want to blame someone for this man’s death, blame Goran.

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    1. My point is he wouldn’t of put the gun to his head at all ! He knew gun safety, and wasn’t that kind of a person. So he either killed himself , or he was murdered! And, yes I copied, and pasted… and??? You may not of wrote the original article, but you definitely used it in the most vile way, to make fun of something you don’t know anything about. I may just be a grieving friend , but I know he would not of put the gun to his own head, for anything other then suicide, not to demonstrate safety for sure! That’s all I am saying


  7. Really sad for his family if in fact suicide. Gun misfire or accidental or homocide you would receive any life insurance payments however in the case of suicide the family will receive nothing, zip, zero, zilch.


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