Naked As A Jailbird

Meet Chelsea Guerra.

Chelsea is an aspiring model from Pennsylvania, so when she saw a Craigslist ad for a nude model, she jiggled at the opportunity. Unfortunately for Chelsea and her elderly photographer, the venue for the photoshoot was not held in a private setting.

Chelsea Guerra, 21, responded last week to a Craigslist ad seeking a nude female model. The ad was placed by Michael Warnock, a 63-year-old Pittsburgh resident.

According to investigators, after Warnock gave Guerra a $300 check, the duo began their photo shoot outside the Miracle Mile Shopping Center in Monroeville, a city about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Warnock was snapping photos of the naked Guerra around 11 AM last Saturday, which caught the attention of witnesses. Guerra and Warnock–who appears to be an amateur lensman–were arrested when cops arrived at the strip mall.

What a brilliant idea! Submit a Craigslist ad, write out a counterfeit check, and watch the babes jiggle in! Oh, there is a photo of Warnock at the link. Suffice to say, this guy definitely pays for sex.

5 thoughts on “Naked As A Jailbird

  1. I love the running mascara look in the mug shot. Something tells me Chelsea did more crying than posing once the police arrived at her “photo shoot”.


    1. Now that was funny. It doesn’t help that she looks like Webb Hubbell (who I still think is her father) and not Slick Willy.


        1. Just remember: the unpictured Chelsea mentioned here is so homely, that if you get a knobber from here, it counts as anal.


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