The Need To Concede

Barack Obama reportedly demanded the Clinton campaign to concede the 2016 election; and he had to make the demand three times before Hillary took action.

A new book on the Clinton campaign contains the revelation that Clinton had to be pressured into conceding her loss on election night by President Barack Obama.

“POTUS doesn’t think it’s wise to drag this out,” White House political director David Simas is reported as saying to Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager. The campaign did not concede at that point.

Later, President Obama himself called and told Clinton, “You need to concede.” The president then repeated the demand to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta shortly thereafter.

Clinton still refused to make a concession speech until the next day, but remember, Hillary is a rational, mild-tempered woman who is fit to lead this country.

6 thoughts on “The Need To Concede

  1. Hillary was just one more of the libs who felt she was a shoe-in for the job and couldn’t believe they lost. It never occurred to her that she was the worst candidate ….EVER!!!!!


  2. Metoo – Obama said she was the “most qualified candidate in history.” More qualified than Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Eisenhower, etc, etc.

    Mike – Except for King Putt, though. Obviously.


  3. C’mon, Wyatt, we both know that it took that long to sober her up. Plus they had to find Bill, pull him away from whichever female he’d cornered & put enough make-up on him to cover his cokey nose.

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