Old Yeller

Today is Earth Day. As it happens, it is also my birthday; or possibly my bEarthday. I have taken yet another miserable, trudging step toward fifty. Since I rarely promote this loathsome event – and since no one remembers it anyway – I’ve decided to give myself a few gifts. Namely, more fabulous babes!

The phrase, “blondes, brunettes, and redheads” is inverted from my point of view. Redheads FTW!

As is the case every year, I am gleefully at my desk today, instead of home lying around in my underwear.

Strangely enough, this is exactly what happened when I walked into the office this morning…


15 thoughts on “Old Yeller

  1. I’ll take the redhead any day. Strangely, I have never been able to convince my lovely bride of 43 years to let me see what it’s like to view her as a redhead. Such is life. Happy Birthday to you and don’t worry about approaching 50. One of these days, you’ll be approaching 70 like some of us and realize it isn’t so bad after all. Stay safe and enjoy the anniversary of your birth.


  2. RG – Thanks. It’s not bad, but I noticed going from 30-40 took forever, and 40-48 went entirely too fast.

    Kevin – Thanks! I got an early present with the Bruins’ double OT win last night.


    1. 60-70 was like a bolt of lightning, even though I’m not quite to 70 yet. I think time accelerates with age. We should be born old and grow younger, until we finally go back into the womb. The other way around kind of sucks.


  3. Happy Birthday, Wyatt! I have reached that point where if I wake up, it’s a good day. Hopefully you can celebrate with birthday cake and the fam.


  4. RG – Thanks for the mental picture of me going back into the womb. Now I’m scarred for life.

    Metoo – Thank you. Not just cake; a Stock’s cake!

    MelP – Thanks, but I AM still a virgin. *weeps openly*

    Cathy – Thank you!

    Mike – Thank you. Hey, I’m in good company… now gimme half your stuff.


  5. Happy birthday!!! I’m sorry I’m late – I must be operating on Canada time. I hope you had a great day, despite being at work.


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