PA Lt. Governor Blows His Stack

Meet Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack. Mike is a pampered pooch from Northeast Philadelphia whose grandpappy was a congressman, and whose pappy is filthy stinkin’ rich. As a result, Stack believes the world owes him, especially the little people… like police officers and manual laborers.

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack said it was a mutual decision reached with Gov. Tom Wolf to end to police protection for Stack and his wife, Tonya, along with other staffing changes at the state-owned residence where they live in the wake of complaints about their mistreatment of staff.

Wolf met with Stack on Friday to hand-deliver a letter indicating that along with the cutting the police protective detail, the maintenance and groundskeeping staff would only report to the lieutenant governor’s residence at Fort Indiantown Gap at prearranged time and with supervision.

Have you ever noticed when a Democrat is disciplined – especially by another Democrat – the discipline is always “mutual?” Yes, Stack and his harpy wife berated and belittled the staff, but he decided on his own to remove all his perks and his State Police detail, dontchaknow?

To paraphrase Norman Stansfield, I like these calm little moments before Democrat-on-Democrat violence. It’s like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin’ and you can hear the insects.

After the media began reporting in two weeks ago about the state inspector general’s office being asked to investigate complaints from staff about the Stacks using abusive language and asking members of the state police security detail to take extraordinary measures to beat traffic in non-emergency situations, Stack held a news conference to apologize.

Earlier this week, Wolf told reporters he met with Stack on multiple occasions regarding complaints about Stack’s treatment of state employees. During the most recent meeting in mid-March, Wolf said he told him “you need to stop.”

So Stack’s rude behavior was previously addressed, and like a typical Democrat, he ignored it. To quote Tony Montana, “You stupid f**k, look at you now.”


5 thoughts on “PA Lt. Governor Blows His Stack

  1. Sounds like little Mikey is not going to get to run for Lt. Governor again. That is going to be a massive hissy-fit and Daddy is going to be very upset.


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