For Whom The Bell Tolls

Hockey fans are not like other fans; especially in Pennsylvania.

The Erie Otters are in the middle of the OHL playoffs, and the team’s marketing geniuses thought it a good idea to distribute cowbells to their fans. The geniuses chose… poorly.

The Erie Otters handed out cowbells to fans as part of a giveaway Tuesday at Game 7 of the OHL’s Western Conference semifinals against the London Knights, and the team has previously sold cowbells branded with the team’s logos.

The cowbells were intended as noise-making instruments, but they became a safety hazard when Otters fans threw dozens of cowbells onto the ice while the Otters were celebrating their victory. Both teams were still on the ice as cowbells rained down on them.

More than one player had his bell rung that night. I guess it could be worse; the Otters could have done this in the 70’s when hockey players weren’t wearing helmets.


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