Keep Your Eye On The Balls

A Florida woman – of course – has created the perfect makeup applicator. It’s warm, comfortable, and portable.

It may also be hairy.

The eternal search for the latest cosmetic secret just took a really weird turn.

Video of a Florida woman using her boyfriend’s testicles as a beauty blender has gone viral because, well, it is nuts. Johanna Hines posted the clip on Twitter Saturday, and now we could be looking at gonads as a revolutionary leap in makeup application.

“To be honest, it worked surprisingly well,” Hines said. “I obviously only did it on my forehead but I didn’t even need to fix it after with a beauty blender or anything so it’s safe to say it worked successfully.”

To spare you from watching the video at the link – trust me, you can never unsee it – Hines applies makeup to her forehead, then Skippy the Wonder Sack spreads it evenly across Hines’ face.

4 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye On The Balls

  1. Cathy – I no longer do that… mostly because my woowhoo can’t hit the bottom of the paint cup.

    Mike47 – Fat guys and the elderly need not apply.


  2. Republicans, Democrats, libtards, etc. They might make us wonder about ourselves, but shit like this proves that we as a society are DOOMED!


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