Ann Of Mean Labels

In a truly pathetic move, conservative pundit Ann Coulter canceled today’s speech, which was to be held at UC Berkely, claiming her supporters at the liberal indoctrination camp lost their spines. Now conservatives are planning a rally/march for free speech. Guess how the media is covering this event?

Following the cancellation of the Ann Coulter speech at University of California, Berkeley, far-right supporters plan to hold a rally Thursday to denounce what they claim is the attempted silencing of their conservative views, stoking fears of another violent encounter with far-left groups.

UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday between militant factions on both sides, even as the speech by the conservative firebrand Coulter was canceled over fears of violence.

Bullshit. The Berkeley violence has always been initiated by the snowflake protesters. The fact conservatives are fighting back does not make them a militant faction.

Gavin McInnes, founder of the pro-Trump “Proud Boys,” said he would fly to Berkeley to speak Thursday and was encouraging other alt-right forces to make a large appearance at the gathering, scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Civic Center Park.

I’m not a McInnes expert, but labeling him a member of the “alt-right forces” is an intellectually dishonest endeavor. McInnes is a conservative – an outspoken one – but lumping him with the alleged “alt-right” Nazis and white supremacists is simply more bullshit.

Sadly, that is what’s become of the media in this country. Anyone who disagrees with their ideology is a Nazi, a bigot, or an “alt-right” fascist.


6 thoughts on “Ann Of Mean Labels

  1. The media is made up of the lowest form of life on the planet. If there were reporters that actually reported facts, we wouldn’t even have a left. If I had a daughter, I’d rather she was a prostitute than a reporter. It’s far more honest work.


  2. When a snowflake tries to be violent just tease them until they cry. Make fun of his man-bun, tell her she is beautiful just like Ann Coulter, Hilbag secretly has a mad crush for Jeb Bush, Chelsea hates her parents, Obama has cooties and he got them from his boyfriend Biden.


  3. It’s the way the lamestream enemedia operates. They always blames Americans for violence while excusing the liberals and progressives who actually started it time and time again.


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