Complete And Utter Nunsense

The world’s greatest director is about to outdo himself yet again. If you, like me, believe Basic Instinct was an American classic, hold on to your hats. Or in this case, your habits.

“Basic Instinct” director Paul Verhoeven is making a film about a lesbian nun with miraculous powers who falls in love with another sister.

The veteran Dutch film-maker is working on a drama called the “Blessed Virgin.” The producers said it is based on the life of 17th-century Italian nun Benedetta Carlini, who caused a sensation when she claimed to see visions of Jesus Christ.

If my statistics are correct, the pr0n industry has gone down this road exactly 16,954 times already – and the scripts have been exponentially better than anything Verhoeven can churn out.


4 thoughts on “Complete And Utter Nunsense

  1. Sister Mary Francis is looking forward to smacking Verhoeven’s head into the wall. She enjoyed doing that to the boys when they got out of hand.


  2. Bet he doesn’t put in the part where another nun claimed the “good” sister forced herself onto her while possessed by a demon.

    These Hollyweird types are sooooooooooooooo boring.


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