I’m Not Lovin’ It

Meet Alex Direeno of Bradenton, Florida. Alex is just a girl, waiting for a boy to love her… for five minutes.

Alex Direeno, 22, reportedly negotiated the price of a sex act with an undercover cop in Manatee County, Florida.

Judging from her photo, Alex takes her county’s name to heart… and chins.

The homeless woman was invited into the officer’s car at a Marathon gas station. Under the guise of a john, the officer told her he ‘wanted to get [his] d*** sucked.’ After ‘a few seconds,’ Direeno allegedly settled for $25 and some McNuggets.

Wow, talk about McLovin’. Heh, I kill me…

Content warning for a few F-bombs.

9 thoughts on “I’m Not Lovin’ It

  1. Gag-a-maggot face, Wyatt! I need a gallon of eye bleach now.

    In the future, could you hide the hideous beneath the fold and provide copious amounts of warning for the squeamish?


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