The Hunger Games

Say what you want about Ivy League schools, if nothing else, they produce some outstanding College Republicans. Take Yale University, for instance…

Supporters of Local 33, a union dedicated to organizing graduate student teachers, have been holding a hunger strike over Yale’s refusal to negotiate a contract with the union. The Yale Daily News reports that in response to the hunger strike, the College Republicans held a barbecue in a tent erected near the strikers on Friday.

The New Haven Register reports the College Republicans feasted on baked beans, corn, and beef.

Aaron Greenberg, the chairman of Local 33, and a graduate student and teacher in political science, told the Yale Daily News, “We weren’t focused on it.”

I know when I’m starving, the last thing I yearn for is the tantalizing smell of delicious barbecued beef.

The College Republicans’ barbecue comes after the National Union party in Israel held a barbecue near hunger-striking Palestinian terrorists.

Brilliant! Is Trolling a major or an elective at Yale, because if there was ever the perfect professor for such a class, it would be yours truly.


4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Snowflakes don’t eat meat! That is why they have very small brains and other parts. Very small other parts. That’s what ex-vegans say.


  2. This story made my day!! It’s about time the GOP found it’s backbone and started standing up to these idiot snowflakes.


  3. This story brightened my otherwise crappy day. Students with this kind of intelligence should be given a scholarship, renewable each year after coming up with an equally brilliant idea.


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