Might As Well Jump

The Philadelphia CYO High Jump Divisionals were held last night at St. Hubert’s High School. Erik was one of three competitors from Maternity BVM school, and one of two boys in the Minors Division. Either way, Erik would make the Area Championships tonight, as long as he cleared his first jump.

Clearing 3’6″ is no big feat for him, and I told him he needed to clear at least 4’0″ to be on pace for Areas.

The boy didn’t disappoint.

After easily clearing 3’6″, 3’8″, and 3’10”, he hit the bar at 4’0″. You have three chances to clear each height, and when Erik hit the bar again at 4’0″, I asked him if he wanted me to stop taping his attempts.

His response? “Um, yes!”

I stashed the cellphone, and he cleared his third and final jump at 4’0″. Best jump, evah! Even more impressive since the bar was above his shoulders.

Erik has two more weeks of practice before Areas, and his coach believes he can hit 4’6″ before then. Erik is now locked in to the Area Championships for the high jump, and can earn a ticket there for the long jump and 200m run this weekend.

His clearance of 3’10” is below the fold…

Thee two girls from BVM are also moving on to Areas. A fine performance by all.


4 thoughts on “Might As Well Jump

  1. Great job, Erik! My brother holds the record for pole vault at our high school and will for the foreseeable future since Iowa doesn’t allow pole vaulting in high school any longer. I love track and field!


  2. Metoo – It was a great night for him, and really built his confidence. Hopefully that will translate to Areas. Saturday are the other Divisionals, and Erik will run the 200m and do the long jump.


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